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Servers and Server Mantainance

Server Issue? Not a problem. We can get your server(s) back up and running so you keep money coming in.

Call us today and we can diagnose your issues and get you back on the fast track.



Do you have a RAT NEST of wires from a previous install? NOT A PROBLEM! We will come in and get any mess neat and labeled. 

Having Network related issues? Again, Not a Problem. We will either diagnose it remotely or on site.

Call Today to get your network singing like a well tuned Choir!



Employees Frustrated over Client PC’s acting up?

Get all your client PC’s talking to the servers and keep your employees HAPPY. With over 30 years experience we can get you running smooth and your employees happy. A happy Employee, Makes Happy Customers.

Call Today to get ALL your business PC’s on the Happy Money Making Track!



Need to link those two buildings?

Need to link two buildings or remote security cameras a cable just can’t do? We currently have systems with a 14 mile connection range (STS). We can connect that building across the road or that camera in the parking lot.

No need for an separate internet provider at the building across the road or up the block ever again.

Call Today to get your network and the SAME Network!